"...glass beads are my main love and lampwork in particular."
British jewellery designer Lucy Howard from Kreationz Jewellery creates handmade jewellery that tells a story. She invariably works with glass but does occasionally use other materials such as shell, wood, seed and Lucite, but glass beads are her main love and lampwork in particular.  She buys her beads from all over the world from very clever artistic lampworkers.

All of her jewellery is ‘one off’ dezigns, No 2 are exactly the same, there will always be subtle differences.



I am also happy to re-design costume jewellery, taking if apart maybe adding one or 2 different beads or charms and a new piece of jewellery is born.

I am also happy to do bespoke pieces.  If you want it to match a particular outfit, get me something the same colour to work from, send me a photo of the outfit and I will get to work and give you ideas to think about before building the final piece for you to see.

If you would like to place an order or have any questions please contact me on:



"I started making my own jewellery the minute i got home."

As a child I loved and was fascinated by marbles, I still am and have a display jar of beautiful handmade ones…

Beautiful glass beads for me have been the follow on to that.

I developed the bug for beads several years ago when on holiday in Crete.  It was late in the year and most of the little artisan shops were shut up or only opened for a few hours a week.  This particular shop – that I spent quite a long time with my faced glued to the window of had swathes and strings of beautiful beads.

I started making my own jewellery the minute I got home.

I am basically self-taught with the help of books and online lessons and several lessons from artists in the field of jewellery making.

"I buy my beads from... very clever artistic lampworkers."

I have a fabulous wooden cabin/chalet that my husband built in the garden for me and I spend as much time as possible in there creating my next design. 

I am a terrible muddler and the vast desk is piled high with boxes of beads and tools and jewellery in various stages of development.  Whilst in my lovely workroom I am inevitably in the company of my 2 little dogs.  Rosie my 6-year-old West Highland Terror!  No not a spelling error… and Daisy my 18month old black Cairn Terror – even naughtier than Rosie – but they are my babies and I adore them.

Moving on - I then went on holiday to Venice a couple of years back and visited the island of Murano where handmade beads, glass ornaments and chandeliers are made and are famous for.  I came away from Venice with a case full of individually handmade very expensive glass beads and dezigns galore buzzing away in my head!